Why hiring a wedding planner could save you money

In the 7 years of being a wedding planner (and over 20 in the industry), I have learnt so much. The comments I get when I tell people that I am a wedding planner are, “oooo I’d love that job”, followed by “do you get a lot of bridezillas?” and “what do you do exactly?”


People think that being a wedding planner is very glamourous! The reality is that it is a great job, but long hours and you are on your feet for the whole time. Is it fun? Absolutely! I love my job. Is it a bit like JLo in The Wedding Planner? In some ways yes. I have to have the answers to every challenge on a wedding day. Wedding planners are conductors of the wedding day. 


There are definitely misconceptions about our work and what it entails. As planners, we plan to execute the wedding as smoothly as possible. There are no second chances with a wedding, so we have to get it right first time!


If you are a current bride thank you for trusting us with your wedding day. If you are not, but are considering hiring a planner please continue reading as I share my most frequently asked questions from couples. 

Professional vs. Hobby?

Why do I need a professional wedding planner? First off, wedding planning is a full time job, if it wasn't all us planners would be out of work. It is common for bride-to-be’s to assign tasks to their bridal party or family members but there are many reasons why this is not a good idea.

  • keep in mind they probably want to enjoy the wedding rather than be working it.

  • they have a few too many drinks and get distracted (the most common).

  • They are not insured - This is a major one! 100% of the time those assigned to help are doing it for free which means they don't owe you anything. Because of this they are most likely not insured so if an accident happens they aren't liable, not to mention how awkward it would be for you to blame them.

  • They don't know industry standards and laws - There are certain laws and permits required if you want to host a wedding in the GTA. Because we do this on a daily basis you are rest assured that we are kept up to date with the ever changing rules.

  • They don’t have the insider knowledge - What makes professional planners creditable is that we’ve worked with vendors in the industry and know the good vs. the bad. We build quality relationships with reliable vendors.

Wedding planners are not a luxury service for the rich and famous. In fact we are accessible, affordable and probably the most valuable investment you’ll make for your wedding day.

The venue provides a wedding coordinator, why do I need a wedding planner?

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A lot of the times couples tell me that their venue package includes a venue coordinator and that they don't need a planner. The venue coordinator does exactly what their title states - coordinate the events at the venue. Their main focus is that dinner is served and the wedding happening at the venue runs smoothly. They will answer your questions about the venue and assist with any tasks related to the venue but not the other items related to planning the wedding. What happens if your cake doesn't show up? Who will set up the receiving table exactly the way your pictured it? These are tasks that are not the responsibility of a venue coordinator. 

How will a wedding planner benefit me?

Speaking specifically about the day of coordination, wouldn’t it be great to know that there is someone overseeing all the logistics. We coordinate with all your vendors, making sure items are set up as planned, place cards are at each correct seat, cake knife and server at the cake table, your dress splits and we sew it up with our on site emergency kit etc. You’ve put so much time, effort and not to mention money into planning your perfect day so why jeopardize it.

Happy planning!

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