"My wedding is in 2 weeks, what am I forgetting?"

I have seen a lot of couples posting on social media lately, asking what last minutes things they should be doing.

Here is a checklist of things you may have not thought of :

  • Get your marriage licence (get it within 90 days before your wedding) and give it to your officiant before your day if possible.

  • Ceremony programs if applicable

  • Menu cards

  • Table numbers and holders

  • Wedding Jewellery

  • Guest book or equivalent

  • Seating Chart or name cards or both

  • Cake knife, champagne glasses etc

  • Ask your cake vendor to leave a cake box for any left over cake, or if you are keeping the top tier

  • Rehearsal Dinner reservations

  • Nail appointment

  • Vendor follow ups/confirmations

  • Send out the Wedding Day Timeline/Itinerary

  • Confirm you final numbers to your caterer/venue

  • Put together an emergency kit (sewing kit, band aids, deodorant, bobby pins etc)

  • Snacks/lunch for you and your bridal party for the wedding day

  • A list of things that need to be set up and allocate who is doing it

  • A list of things that need to be taken away at the end of the night (cards/presents/décor items etc) and allocate who is doing it. This person needs to be someone responsible, who will take the task seriously.

  • Reserved seating signs for your ceremony

  • Photo shot list - who do you want photo's with? Who would you be devastated if you didn't get a photo with them?

  • Music for the ceremony entrances of Bridal Party, Groom, Bride, signing, recessional etc

  • Music for the reception entrance of the Bridal Party, Parents, the couple, first dance, cake cutting, first dancefloor song, end of night song, toss bouquet, garter toss etc.

  • Pay off the vendors and any due on the day, put the money in an envelope and give to a responsible person. Tell the vendors that "Joe Bloggs" will have your payment on the day.

  • Print out a copy of your speeches

  • A nice pen for signing the marriage licence. It will be in the photo's!

  • Get your engagement ring cleaned

  • Where are you going to put your lipstick/phone/keys etc

  • Back up shoes

  • Assign someone to look after the cardbox until you can secure it. This person has to guard it with their life!

  • Write your vows if you choose too

  • Cushion for the ring bearer/baskets for the flower girl

  • Send you vendors contact information for the key people you would like them to contact on the day. It's often a parent or a member of the bridal party.

  • Don't wear a bra the day before or a hair elastic around your wrist

  • Take your overnight bag to the hotel

Also, don't forget to take time out for you. Your engagement is such a short time in your life as a couple, take some time to enjoy it. Go on a date. Remember why you want to marry each other. Wedding planning can be stressful, busy and expensive so take a little break from the stress and do something fun together as a couple!


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Vicky Nicholas

Owner of Perfect Planners