The real life of a wedding planner!

Everyone thinks that I have the best job ever! Just like J Lo! And yes I do think I have the best job, but it's not glamorous all the time!

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Firstly, being a wedding/event planner is in the top 10 most stressful jobs. I can see why we are on that list, as every wedding day we have all the pressure to make sure the wedding is exactly what the couple want and that it is memorable for all the right reasons!

Long Hours

Each couple we spend around 25-30 hours working on their wedding day. It starts when we meet the couple for the first time and we spend 45mins-1hour chatting about their special day. We then meet again 4 weeks before the day and spend 2-3 hours with them, then the rehearsal another hour.

We spend 4-5 hours putting together the itinerary and personally contacting each vendor to make sure that they know what they are doing and if they have any special requirements. The wedding day arrives and we work around 12-15 hours on average.

On call

We are deemed to be on call 24/7. Receiving calls and emails at all times of the day and night.

Play the bad guy

We spend all day chasing vendors and telling them to change this, move that, go back and bring me the correct items. Cut off the drunk cousin and deal with the fallout.

Things we have to do

  • Hold up a dress while bride pees
  • Put hand up dress to fix bustle
  • Keep the divorced mom and dad away from each other
  • Keep the alcoholic cousin sober
  • Ask the cousin to leave
  • Drive to the bride and grooms house to collect some specialty drinks they had forgotten
  • Moved the cutting of the cake sooner as the cake was leaning
  • Sew buttons on grooms shirt
  • Cut fingers off surgical gloves so the flowers can be put on the cake (cannot push unprotected flowers into edible items)
  • Stop fights between guests
  • Receive calls from the groom at 2.30am to ask where his bag is, receive another call at 3am to ask the same question. Then receive a text message from the same groom at 7.15am to ask for a debrief of the night.
  • Pull labels off dollar store bought vases (they do not want to come off)
  • Asked to tell the wedding in the room next door, to stop their dancing until we've finished our speeches! (I didn't, I asked if they could turn it down a little. Downside of busy convention centres.)

Do I love my job? Absolutely, it's never dull.

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